Advanced Genetics Alpha Test 90 Capsules

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Advanced Genetics Alpha Test/GH/Anti-A

  • spike free testosterone
  • raise growth hormone
  • reduce estrogen
  • improve libido and sexual performance
  • stimulate muscle growth
  • increase protein synthesis
  • boost nitric oxide levels
  • trigger fat loss
  • decrease breakdown of amino acids
  • fire up metabolism

    The World’s Strongest (Legal) Anabolic Hormone Optimizer

    Be the ALPHA Male! ALPHA revolutionizes hormone optimization. The cutting-edge ingredients in ALPHA are clinically proven to boost testosterone, growth hormone and libido levels. ALPHA will amplify the anabolic muscle building process. The result: increased lean mass, strength, and muscle hardness.


    ALPHA-TEST – increases free testosterone by as much as 298%! Testosterone is the key anabolic hormone responsible for rapid muscle growth and elevated libido.

    Fenugreek Extract – boosts free testosterone.

    Epimedium – effectively increases testosterone, increases sex drive, boosts nitric oxide levels and is a PDE5 inhibitor, like the pharma drug Viagra.

    Tribulus –  increases testosterone via luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH).

    ALPHA-DEX – reduces estrogen by as much as 43%! Estrogen is the “female hormone” and by limiting its conversion allows for more muscle-building testosterone to circulate.

    Hesperidin -this citrus flavonoid inhibits the aromatase enzyme, blocking the conversion of testosterone to estrogen.
    ALPHA-TROPIN – raises growth hormone by up to 350%! Growth Hormone stimulates protein anabolism, enhances fat loss and regulates carbohydrate metabolism.

    Alpha-GPC – is a Human Growth Hormone secretagogue causing more of this hormone to be secreted in your brain. It is believed to potentiate the effects of Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone (GHRH), a hormone that tells your anterior pituitary gland to produce and release more HGH.

    Melatonin – effectively boosts HGH.