SD Pharmaceuticals TeaCrine 60 caps

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SD Pharmaceuticals TeaCrine 60 caps

  • INCREASE ENERGY WITHOUT STIMULANT JITTERS: Theacrine supplementation may help you reduce caffeine intake. A non-stimulant supplement compound that may increase energy levels without increasing heart rate or blood pressure. Feel alert and focused without the stimulant jitters!
  • ENHANCED FOCUS, MOTIVATION, AND MOOD SUPPORT: Thearcrine (as TeaCrine) is clinically tested. It's multi-faceted effects come from reactions between two neural pathways: dopaminergic (activates dopamine receptors) and adenosinergic (Adenosine plays important role in fatigue sedation and relaxation) by inhibiting receptor activity TeaCrine may help decrease perceived feelings of fatigue an increase perceived feelings of motivation.
  • IDEAL FOR ATHLETES, PROFESSIONALS & GAMERS: Theacrine (as TeaCrine) is ideal for anyone striving for peak performance. Based on clinical research TeaCrine facilitates a wide range of healthy functions in energy, focus, mood and motivation.
  • CLINICALLY TESTED FOR LONG TERM SAFETY: Open-source scientific clinical study provides long term safety data with even more clinical trial research underway! Performance is proven, studies show that tolerance to theacrine builds at a much slower pace than the tolerance to caffeine and with no increase to heart rate or blood pressure.
  • RECOMMENDED DOSE (ADULTS): Take 1 capsule daily.