Magnum Primer Performance Packs 24 Pack

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MAGNUM Primer Performance Packs 24 Pack

Magnum Primer was created to supply the best quality ingredients in their most absorbable state to your cells.  Our micronutrients and cofactors have been handpicked and carefully encapsulated to ensure maximum absorption.  You will not find any compressed tablets in Magnum Primer for a reason.  Compressed tablets include excipients such as povidone (PVP), cellulosics, and modified starches, which are included as binders, disintegrants, diluents, lubricants, and surfactants in tablets.  These inert ingredients can constitute up to 75% of a tablet and usually end up causing them to pass through your digestive system largely unabsorbed.

- Add Muscle Mass
- Quicker Recovery
- Metabolism of Fat
- Strength Gains
- Better Performance


This product contains 24 servings. Each serving contains 8 capsules.

Take your 1 serving at breakfast time. Under times of extreme training you may take up to 2 servings a day.