Organika Electrolytes + Enhanced Collagen 360g

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Organika Electrolytes + Enhanced Collagen 360g

Electrolytes play several important roles in the body, including hydration, maintaining water balance, muscle contraction, nerve impulses, temperature regulation. We lose electrolytes when we sweat, lose liquids due to sickness, or consume large amounts of dehydrating substances like alcohol and caffeine. Electrolytes + Enhanced Collagen ensures you are replenishing these vital nutrients to support your daily needs, with 5 g of hydrolyzed bovine collagen in every serving.

Electrolytes + Enhanced Collagen is designed to maximize your daily hydration – take it anytime you want to quench your thirst and refresh! Some occasions where electrolytes will come in extra handy include:

•    During or post-workout to replenish important nutrients lost through sweat.

•    Mid-day to avoid the afternoon slump and keep up with your daily hydration goals.

•    Throughout the day when sick or hungover to avoid dehydration.

•    Source of over 100% of Vitamin C daily recommended intake.